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If you're looking for Nature Sleep you've come to the right place! We've given Nature Sleep a new name: Sleep Support Plus. It's exactly the same natural, effective formula that you trust - only with a new name!

It's important to try get the most out of life. You only have so much time in the day. Oftentimes, many of us choose activity over sleep, and sacrifice our routines in the process. Sometimes, you just want to turn off your phone, let the world be, take your supplements and commit to sleeping the whole night through.

Sleep Support Plus is a specially formulated sleep support supplement, with minerals, vitamins, and our proprietary blend of modern and traditional extracts. We've taken what works, from history and from now, to put together our trusted Sleep Support recipe. If you're looking for something to support occasional sleeplessness, Sleep Support can put that search to rest.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for healthy bodily function. It assists with a number of functions including vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and potassium level regulation.

Supplementing magnesium in your diet could contribute to:

Muscle function
Nerve function
Relaxation of mind and body
Magnesium is available in many forms, including magnesium citrate, one of the minerals in Sleep Support Plus. Magnesium citrate is considered one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium for being more easily absorbed into the body.

Goji Berry
Promotes Feelings Of Calmness

Taken in various ways - such as in smoothies, breakfast bowls, and supplements, goji berries are widely popular with health fanatics for their antioxidant benefits. They also have suggested benefits in relation to supporting weight loss, and calming effects that may help to support your natural sleep cycle.

Helps You Feel More Relaxed
The chamomile flower is widely used in teas for its calming effects and feelings of relaxation. The compound in chamomile that is thought to cause these effects is called apigenin, and is found in chamomile extract and commonly consumed as a supplement.

Melatonin mainly known for its role in sleep
Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland in your brain. It has several functions in your body however, it is most commonly known for its role in supporting the sleep cycle. Higher levels are associated with the evening. When you wake up in the morning, light naturally reduces melatonin production.

Melatonin production can be naturally induced by food in your diet. Sleep Support Plus contains a proprietary blend of extracts to support the natural production of melatonin within your body. This blend includes goji berry, lemon balm, passion fruit extract, chamomile, and valerian.

Lemon Balm
More Calming Support
Lemon Balm are used for calming effects on the brain
Some studies show that the properties of lemon balm are found to have calming effects on the brain and may also provide support for feelings of anxiety associated with nervousness.

Helps Relieve Stress
Valerian helps to relieve muscle and joint pain
Valerian is an herb that is traditionally used as natural support to assist with occasional sleeplessness. Some studies show that valerian may be effective in increasing feelings of calmness and relaxation.

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