Urinary Support

Urinary Tract Support offers three clinically-studied ingredients that have provide support for the urinary tract or immune system.


Pacran is a patented, full-spectrum extract of whole cranberries that ensures the content of polyphenols and A-Type Proanthocyanidins (A-PACs). Clinical studies have shown Pacran to support the health of the urinary tract by interfering with the adhesion of bacteria to the epithelium (urinary tract walls). Put simply, Pacran can help support the maintenance of urinary tract health.

PreforPro and DE111

The probiotic and prebiotics have great benefits for the urinary tract, too. Together, they support the proliferation of good bacteria in your body. The balance of good and bad bacteria is crucial to the maintenance of many body systems including urogenital health. By supporting beneficial bacteria, you are giving them the best chance to stay dominant over pathogenic (bad) bacteria. This support of the immune system is a key nutritional benefit of Urinary Tract Support.

Premium Quality

Urinary Tract Support is made in an FDA registered facility that is GMP certified. The formula is third-party lab-tested, non-GMO and made in the US from global ingredients.

Don’t Let It Take Hold

Pacran provides potent, standardized A-type proanthocyanidins (A-PACs). Multiple studies have demonstrated that cranberry A-PACs can help maintain a healthy urinary tract. Researchers’ best explanation is that A-PACs can prevent some harmful bacteria attaching to the body.

Tough Friends
Probiotics have well-known benefits for the immune system, and support a healthy balance of the natural beneficial, neutral, and pathogenic bacteria. What’s special about the DE111 strain in Urinary Tract Support is that it’s incredibly resilient, and has the ability to produce basically invulnerable spores that ensure its long-term survival. Other benefits of DE111 include supporting digestion and digestive health.

Active Apparata

The PreforPro in Urinary Tract Support is a uniquely active prebiotic that uses four strains of ‘bacteriophage’ that can destroy certain types of pathogenic (bad) bacteria, including E. Coli. PreforPro has been shown to be both safe as a dietary supplement and beneficial to the gut microbiota (the balance of good and bad bacteria). Prebiotics in general offer a new and exciting approach to the support of digestive, immune system and general health.

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